Alcohol After Vasectomy

Can I have a drink after vasectomy?

Can I have a drink after vasectomy? This is a common question I get – yes is the short answer. Just be aware you have had a procedure, we don’t want you having a huge session, getting dehydrated or falling over and squashing the poor balls after the vasectomy.

Keep going with the panadol and nurofen regularly for the first 48hours. A couple of beers or wine on the night of the vasectomy is perfectly fine.

There are some old ideas that alcohol is a blood thinner and this may increase bleeding after surgeries. This is not supported by the medical evidence. Like everything, the dose makes the poison. A big session of a six pack or more, a whole bottle of wine is not a good idea as alcohol and dehydration does have some negative effects on healing. If you have diabetes, the calories in a large alcohol session can also push up your sugars and this certainly can increase infection risk and delay healing.

So feel reassured to go ahead with a few drinks after your vasectomy if you would like, just keep going regularly with the panadol and nurofen as well.