12th May 2019 – Mothers Day!

Would you consider a vasectomy for Mothers Day? Vasectomy can be a great chance for the bloke to do his bit for contraception in the family, often after the woman has done the heavy lifting in the relationship – babies, maybe miscarriage, termination, taking the pill, having an IUD.

The sterilisation equivalent for the woman is a much larger procedure – a general anaesthetic, abdominal surgery which although safe in Australia is best to avoid if possible. There can be waiting time in the public hospitals and cost in the private hospitals, even if you have insurance.

The risks to the woman of oral contraceptives can increase with age and doctors get more concerned about the combined pill with women after the age of 40, particularly if they smoke as the stroke risk rises. Avoiding the side effects of hormonal contraception can also be important for some women and your partner will appreciate being saved from these side effects if they do experience them.

For Mothers Day, will you consider vasectomy?